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Sponsor our Brigade 100 year Community Wall


Mornington Fire Brigade is inviting members of our local community to sponsor the construction of a "Brigade 100 year Community Wall" to recognise the brigade's contribution to protecting lives & property throughout mornington and surrounding communities for 100 years.


Mornington and surrounding community groups, businesses, and members can make a donation of $25 or more to have their name displayed (up to a maximum of 25 letter spaces) on a sign listing the sponsors of the "Brigade 100 year Community Wall" has been constructed along the Fire Station boundary on Separation street.


Due to the limited space available on our sponsors sign the following will apply:


  • There are only 200 sponsor name slots available on a first in basis

  • A sponsor name can only be listed once

  • There is a maximum of 25 letter spaces allowable per sponsor name slot 

If you prefer you can choose to donate to sponsor the Brigade 100 year community wall without having your name displayed as a sponsor.


If you would like to sponsor the Brigade 100 year community wall you can make your donation of $25 or more via either of the methods outlined below:


1. Send your donation via electronic funds transfer (EFT) with your name and reference '100 year wall' to:

Bendigo Bank

BSB:  633-000

Account Name:  Mornington Fire Brigade

Account No:  127483287

Mornington Fire Brigade ABN 76 242 930 387

   Please note, if you use this method it is important that you email to advise that you have      

   donated via EFT so that the Brigade can reply email you a receipt, or


2. Mail a money order or cheque to Mornington Fire Brigade 859 Nepean Highway Mornington, made payable to Mornington Fire Brigade     with reference '100 year wall' and your name and physical or email address so that the Brigade can send you a receipt, or

3. Come to the fire station at 859 Nepean Highway Mornington and ask to speak to the Station Duty Officer to make your donation in cash     and collect your receipt.

Please ensure you indicate "ref 100 year wall" and if you want your name displayed as a sponsor of the Brigade 100 year community wall, including the exact spelling (up to a maximum of 25 letter spaces). 

Thank you


Troy Thornton

Officer in Charge

Mornington Fire Brigade

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