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Our 100 year celebration on AUSTRALIA DAY 2017

To help promote and celebrate the Brigade 100 year milestone we will be involved in a range of activities on AUSTRALIA DAY 2017 in Mornington, including:


  • From 1700 hrs Brigade members and Fire Museum trucks will lead the Australia Day parade along Main street to Mornington Park,

  • From 1800 hrs CFA Chief Officer will participate in the flag raising ceremony in Mornington Park, and address the public to promote the Brigade Centenary and launch the Brigade 100 year book

  • The Brigade Marquee will be set up in Mornington Park to display and sell copies of the Brigade 100 year book and other 100 year merchandise

  • From 1830 hrs the brigade will conduct a fire drill demonstration in Mornington Park

  • From 2030 hrs Mornington and surrounding brigades will conduct a fire brigade torchlight precession around Mornington Park down to Mornington Pier


Troy Thornton

Officer in Charge

Mornington Fire Brigade

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